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How's my driving? How can I improve with Ashley? She is taken from the third game.

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Canon: Mass Effect Wiki, game choices; gifs, edits, and voice clips; expertise

Headcanon: Physical characteristics

Inspiration: Visualosities, style
AU notes, open RP thread
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Character Name: Ashley Williams

Height/Build: 5'8" and military!muscular, despite Bioware only having one female body model. So she looks more like this or this.
Physical Mannerisms: Bioware animations Very straight posture and good balance when upright, but really relaxes sitting down. Right handed. Military stuff - steps off with left foot, walks fast on her own but in line with whoever she's next to. If reaching for a firearm, she instinctively reaches between her shoulderblades rather than to her hip.

Verbal tics: General American accent with the odd more Canadian "eh". Kind of low pitched. Liberal use of military terms. If she's speaking Spanish, her accent's native (mainly Puerto Rican) for, like, food and family words, but goes gringo if she's trying to form a sentence. (She's embarrassed by this so it probably won't happen.)
drunk and lots of laughing
Clothing Style: Very casual. Boots and sneakers, no skirts or dresses.
Tattoos/Piercings/Scars/Metal limbs/etc: Her scars are mostly covered by clothes or her hair, but if she's in something sleeveless, there's a newish line along her right shoulder where she broke it. She has green circuitry embedded in her skin and eyes:

Anything else: She's mixed race Latina. Her icons are kind of inconsistent on skintone because ME3 washed her out compared to the first two games - she's kind of a mid point between the top image and this:
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  • Female Shepard (I prefer to match Shepards I play against in appearance, origins, reputation, and class; otherwise I default to an Asian-Canadian Earthborn Sole Survivor Infiltrator)
  • Mostly Paragon
  • All squadmates recruited including DLC squadmates
  • All DLC except Pinnacle Station completed (... because I played on PS3.)

    Mass Effect:
  • Met Samesh Bhatia on the Citadel; Shepard released Nirali's body
  • Feros colony saved
  • Rachni Queen saved
  • Cerberus quests completed
  • X57: Engineers found, hostages saved
  • Wrex survived Virmire
  • Shepard aided Kirrahe
  • Assigned to the bomb

    and if playing as survivor at later canon points )
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