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Name:Ashley Williams
Birthdate:Apr 14
Website:Open RP thread

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Character info

Character name: Ashley Madeline Williams
Canon: Mass Effect
Usual canon point: Mid-third game or Synthesis ending for memes (flexible)
Gender: Female
Age: Twenty-eight
Character summary: Space marine striving to get out from the weight of her military family name. Protective oldest sister. Enjoys classic poetry.
Appearance: 5'8", muscular, mostly Latina mixed race woman. Dark brown hair often in a low military bun, dark eyes.
Voice: Lower, general American accent. Voiced by Kimberly Brooks.
Notes: I usually play her as the Virmire survivor, but I'm also happy to play her as the sacrifice back from the dead.
[community profile] clockbox specific: Synthesis ending; has green circuitry glowing in her skin and eyes. Twenty-nine. Wears civvies!



Cross-medium: Yes
Fourth walling: No, and please don't fourth wall other canons in our threads.
Backtagging: Yes - I'm in a weird timezone and have an erratic schedule.
Threadjacking: Yes


Smut: Het only except for Shepard or Traynor, unless previously discussed. No noncon, scat/watersports/etc, or body modification.
Romance: Het only except for Shepard or Traynor, unless previously discussed.
Fighting: Yes
Injury: Yes
Mind reading: Generally yes, but please let me know.
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